Aphrodite Family Eco Camping - Paphos - Cyprus



Basic Operation Regulations

Regulations Objectives

Welcome to our camping site. We wish you a pleasant and relaxing stay! The main objectives of the present regulations are, to safeguard the best possible experience of our guests during their stay, to achieve continued compliance with our camping site’s strict permit environmental conditions, and to sustainably operate the camping site in harmony with our surrounding ecologically sensitive natural environment. Adherence to these regulations both from guests and visitors together with the camping site’s management, is more an ethical than a compliance policy, out of respect for the conservation needs and understanding of the ecological sensitivities of our Camp’s site wider area.

1. Entrance

  • Entering the camping site is allowed only through the reception area, which operates between 08.00 until 17.00 for season A and 08:00 until 20:30 for season B.
  • Entering the campsite is allowed only through presenting an official identification card, and after the written approval of the present regulations of the Camping Site.
  • Camping space rental is only for the persons declared and written in the Campers’ Registry List. Any changes of visitors should be declared in the reception. Additional campers are subject to extra charges as per the published pricelist.
  • The camping space designation is done at the reception of the campers. Changes are not allowed without prior notification and approval of the reception.
  • Visitors to the camping site are allowed after approval by the reception and after submitting their identification card in the reception area. Visitors’ vehicles should be parked outside the camping site.
  • The camping site has a permit restriction on the occupancy of campers and presence of visitors at any time. Thus, the management reserves the right to deny entrance in cases when these capacities are reached.

2. Arrival / Departure

Arrival at the Camping Site will be after 14:00 and departure until 11:00.

3. Vehicle Management

  • Vehicle entrance and internal circulation are not allowed between the hours of 24:00 and 07:00.
  • Vehicle use is only allowed for entering and exiting the camping site.
  • The speed limit in the camping site is limited to 5km/h.
  • Each tent has a parking space.
  • Vehicle washing is not allowed.
  • Parking Spaces are only allowed for campers, and will be designated during the reception of the campers, at the reception area.

4. Pets

Our Camping site as pet-friendly. For hygiene and safety reasons, an up-to-date and valid pet health certificate should be presented at the reception area upon arrival of the campers and visitors. The pet owners are considered responsible for the proper behaviour of their pets and for maintaining the safe hygiene conditions of the camping site though collecting their poop in proper bags and safely disposing at designated bins.

5. Personal Belongings Safety and Damage Liability

  • The camping site management bear no responsibility for any possible losses or damages of the campers’ personal belongings and vehicles caused by others or due to natural causes.
  • Even though the camping site’s personnel has been trained to survey the area and identify any relevant possible risks, the campers are considered solely responsible for securing their personal belongings in the camping site.

6. Beach and swimming

  • The camping site does not own or manage any nearby beaches and does not provide for a lifeguard.
  • Camping, campfire and other nuisances in nearby beaches will be reported to the local authorities for further actions.
  • Bathing of pets in the sea is not allowed.

7. Contribution of campers/visitors to the camping site’s environmental targets

An integrated Environmental Management System with a series of environmental goals is under implementation in our Camping Site, and campers/visitors during their stay are encouraged to contribute towards their achievement:

  • Waste Management Plan: This plan includes separation of recyclable waste streams and disposal into the appropriately designated waste collection bins available in the camping site. Maintaining clean and hygiene conditions in all areas is a mutual responsibility of all. Waste production per waste stream is recorded monthly, and waste generation reduction and efficient separation of recyclables is a major environmental objective in our campsite.
  • Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction Plan: All lighting fittings are equipped with LED lights and motion sensors for use when needed. Some lights are considered safety lights and are required to be kept on at all times. All provided appliances are energy efficient. Energy consumption is recorded monthly, and energy saving is considered a major environmental objective in our campsite.
  • Water Saving Plan: All water fixtures and fittings are equipped with water saving devices in order to limit water consumption as according to the basic needs. Water consumption id recorded monthly, and saving water is considered a major environmental objective in our campsite.
  • Biodegradable natural soaps & shampoos are strongly encouraged for use in our camping site.
  • All camping spaces, and all exterior common areas are equipped with ashtrays for putting off cigarettes. Cigarette butts should be safely put off and disposed with extra care into these ashtrays. Dropping cigarette butts on the ground is not allowed.
  • Campfires, fireworks, and loud speakers within the campsite is prohibited.

8. Common quiet times

  • The time between 23:00 and 07:00 is declared as the common quiet times of the camping site. During the hours of common silence, absolute silence prevails.

9. Material and aesthetic damages to common areas and equipment

  • Interventions at camping spaces leading to unproper and disturbing aesthetics of the camping site will be prohibited.
  • Cutting of trees/tree branches and bushes, unrooting plants etc, is prohibited.
  • Improper use of electricity plugs is prohibited. Electricity supply is only limited to basic needs. For any special requests, campers should contact the reception, which will happily assist you.

10. Alcohol and Drugs Abuse

  • Alcohol overconsumption is not allowed within the camping site. In cases where it is considered that a person is or has overconsumed alcohol, the management reserves the right to expel that person from the camping site.
  • As in all of Cyprus, the use of drugs in the camp is strictly forbidden. In case it is found that it is being used then the user details will be given to the police and you will be expelled from the camp.

11. Covid-19

All measures concerning Covid-19 in accordance with the decrees.