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Aphrodite Family Eco Camping

Experience the absolute beauty of Cyprus, in complete harmony with nature.
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Welcome to the Aphrodite Family Eco Camping!

Welcome to the Aphrodite Camping WebSite!

One organized and licensed camp site which was designed and is implemented and is operated by local people with love, care and respect to nature’s hospitality and operates according to strict environmental standards. The campsite was restored and carefully constructed with high environmental awareness. Experts designed it with very careful interventions, work that was done almost entirely manually by locals.

You will find us shortly after the Baths of Aphrodite adjacent to the Akamas national forest park, and within the Natura 2000 of the Akamas peninsula. An area of high ecological value with rich biodiversity, incomparable landscape and natural beauty between mountain and sea.

Our aim is to highlight the place by respecting every principle of ecology, of preservation and protection of the natural wealth of our area highlighting the way in which man and nature together can simply coexist in complete harmony but by creating mutual benefits from this coexistence in the same space. And we want to show this to our visitors the campers, while developing their environmental awareness through a tangible example of sustainable use of an ecologically sensitive area, hosting them in a camp where they can experience a complete experience of staying in enchanting nature. Akamas together with the unique hospitality and authenticity of the people of the area.

In our camp, the visitor has the opportunity to experience the unique experience of natural wealth and landscape of both the sea and the land area of ​​Akamas, to enjoy the magnificent sky away from the lights and noise of the city, the idyllic sunset and the unique sunrise, to enjoy the local food and experience of simple and genuine local products, in an exceptional and safe family environment under the care of people who with simplicity and purity complete a unique natural and complete experience.

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Aphrodite Family Eco Camping is ready to host you… Book your space now!